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If you won that million

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Picture the scene- you have won a million -or two- in the lottery or a competition of some kind, and your mind is filled with plans as to how you will spend it. Maybe you’ll get that new car, the dream holiday, renovate your home. Maybe you’re only too grateful to have an education fund for your children.. a retirement for yourself.. or a means of clearing your debts. No matter which of these it is, a million or two could come in very handy!

Now imagine a condition on claiming that prize. Part of you may be thinking, “how bad could it be; there’s a fair amount I would do to get my hands on that kind of money.” Maybe it’s doing an embarrassing thing in public, maybe it’s having to donate a portion to a charity. You’ll never guess this condition- it’s far harder to comply with than you think, yet something we place in our minds regularly. The condition is: you can spend all the money you won, tax-free, as long as you spend it to increase or match what you like LEAST in your life. In other words, renovations must all match what you like least in your home right now, the thing you try to disguise or look past. Or your holiday destination must be to a place with conditions you like LEAST- the weather, the people, the time of year. And don’t forget the paying of debts or saving- the money must be put into products or debts that matter least.


By now you would be forgiven for thinking that this post is turning into a waste of time; who in their right mind is going to agree to a condition like that. And once you have realised there is no loophole, no way around this condition, you may even be thinking about abandoning the claiming of the prize after all. Who wants to sit and freeze in the middle of winter in subzero conditions, in a foreign country where no one speaks your language, and wearing neon orange gear to boot! (That’s my worst holiday, anyway; yours may be lying around exhausted in a super hot and humid rain forest, with the dinner plate-sized spiders..)


The underlying message here is to be aware of what we expand in our minds: what we don’t have, or what is wrong, versus what we already do have, and feel appreciation for.  


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