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What’s in your dump truck?

What’s in your dump truck? image

One of the most important things you can focus effort on is to unclutter your mind and keep it in a healthy state. I'm reminded of a story I heard several years ago, which went something like this (with some embellishments from me!): imagine you have a beautiful garden, with rolling lawns, a beautiful layout of flowers and trees, maybe a bench or a bird bath. See this image in your mind. hear the breeze rustle in the trees and maybe a gentle trickle of water.. smell the fragrance of fresh blooms and clean air.. and imagine the soft petals of flowers or luxurious grass under your fingers. It's really a gorgeous garden, exactly as you would want it. You have worked hard to set it up, preparing the soil, planting what you chose, watering and weeding and watching it grow. Spend a while immersed in what your ideal garden would be like. Really develop a strong image and feel for it.

Now imagine that you hear a jarring sound, the peep-peep sound of a truck reversing. It's a dump truck, about to unload garbage into your garden! How would you feel as you watched (in horror), the junk and rubbish flooding into your garden, the same garden you spent so much time and energy on! Would you stand still or take action? I'll bet you'd try to get that truck to stop, and even if you couldn't this time round, you'd take action to prevent it from coming back!

So by now you may have speculated as to where I'm going with this. Well, the garden is your mind, when it's in a clean and peaceful space. And the dump truck? That's what we put into our mind daily; mindless surfing the net, hours watching reality tv, billboards we just have to read, and negative thoughts we let in and also allow to multiply unchecked. 

Dramatic imagery, perhaps; but is it relevant to you? Over the next few days, ask yourself: what's in my Dump Truck, and why am I letting it dump


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