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Break that bad mood in one easy move!

Break that bad mood in one easy move! image

There are so many reasons for finding yourself in a bad mood- your child/partner/pet/work colleague has done something you don’t like, or you have found yourself in a long line at the checkout, a traffic jam, or one of your devices has developed a mind of it’s own and is refusing to respond no matter what you do. Maybe you’re tired from not sleeping well, and you don’t feel like dealing with your day. (If none of this applies to you, skip this post and read another, but if you have found yourself in a bad mood from time to time, read on…No need to stress, help is on the way!)

Ok, here it is: (bearing in mind this is based in research, not just someone’s idea of a joke!) take a pen or full-length pencil, and hold it horizontally in front of you. Now out it in your mouth horizontally, and gently hold between your teeth. (This means gently, biting it in two is not the point! It may be a quick fix for frustration but a mouth full of lead- or worse, ink-  is going to add to that bad mood, not lift it).


If you’ve followed the instructions, you should be holding the pen or pencil lightly between your teeth. Notice the way your cheeks feel, the sides of your eyes. Familiar feeling? Almost- no, make that exactly like- a smile! That’s right, this mimics what happens to the muscles of the face when you smile, and even if you manually triggered it, the brain is not too fussed about the origin of the muscle and nerve position, just that you did it. You may well be smiling for real by now, especially if you can see yourself in a reflection somewhere, but even if you still feel like being grumpy, at least for a few minutes you were somewhere else in your mind than in that bad mood, so it can be lifted! Now work your way through a 24 piece colouring pencil set. 

If you click here, there’s a user friendly download to help you identify and manage stress in a few simple moves. 

If it’s lack of sleep that’s getting to you, click here for all the information you need to fix the problem. 


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