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The one thing derailing your mindfulness practise

The one thing derailing your mindfulness practise image

‘Mindfulness’ is a term we are more and more familiar with- remaining in the present, an awareness of what is, without interpretation or trying to change anything, paying attention on purpose, acceptance of where you are at and what’s happening…

Reducing your stress, giving you a breather from your busy day, what’s not to like about mindfulness practise! It is possible to train the mind to keep returning to the present, maybe via maintaining an awareness of the breath or doing a body scan, to help you stay focused and aware. 

The third component of mindfulness is sometimes the trickiest, though- all of this (awareness, remaining in the present) is meant to happen non-judgmentally.  So when your mind wanders and you bring it back, it’s just a refocus and bringing back- without the judgy mind-talk that tends to come along with this (‘you idiot.. why can’t you do this!.. come on man, focus!’) It happens so naturally; such a familiar way of speaking to ourselves- especially when things aren’t going our way.  So here we have it- the judgement of what we are doing –or not doing- is the doorway to thinking, evaluating, interpreting. In other words, thinking about the past, the future, what we could or should or ought to have done. Notice how this tone of judgement upsets the acceptance of being present and aware in this moment, without trying to change what is.


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