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Control the right thing!

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Every day we encounter people and situations we don’t particularly want to, and there are curve balls thrown into the mix of the best laid plans. This is what we commonly term ‘stress’, where we think of the event or person out there as the cause of the unpleasant feelings.

This results in us trying to control everyone else, and everything around us, in an attempt to reduce our levels of stress.  In fact, it is our reaction to the event, situation or what others do, that determines how much stress we will experience. This is good news- if we can’t really control what others do, much as we want to, and if we can’t predict the future, much as we would like to, there’s just one main thing we can control: ourselves. Separate out what can be controlled- i.e. my reaction, right now- from what cannot be controlled, i.e. other people, the past, the future. No one exists in a vacuum, so there will be some effect on people and our surroundings, depending on what we do. What that effect will be, though, is not something we can predict- too many moving parts in the situation. So let's focus on what can be controlled- our own state of mind, and de-focus from what we usually try to control- everyone and everything else. 


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