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Too tired to cope

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Have you seen how a young child wakes up, full of energy and ready for a new day? If they are in a routine where they get enough nourishment, rest and attention, kids really thrive. But we know the consequence of when a child is tired and/or hungry.

They become demanding, whiney, don’t know what they want, and eventually can’t be comforted. If this goes on too long, they push away the very things they need- food, sleep. Now add in a sleep-deprived parent, and you end up with two children, crying and unreasonable! This is a recipe for high stress situations, that  generally end in disaster. Coping means you have enough resources to meet the demands of being a parent, juggling work and home, and just daily urban living. One of the most critical resources to have in good supply, is to have slept at least 7 hours per night, as consistently as possible. Before you protest that getting this kind of sleep is unrealistic, pause a moment and ask yourself: how do I feel about the day and it’s demands when I have had decent sleep, even if it’s only 6 (solid) hours? How do I react to niggles and hassles when I’m rested versus tired? Do I run out of energy for coping by mid-morning because I’m so tired, or can I manage the whole day when I’ve had enough sleep? How does a child behave, when they have had enough sleep? If you are not a parent, please find a mall or family event, observe the tired kids and tired adults, and see if you can really tell the difference between them!


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