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Do you know how to surf?

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We all know the word ‘stress’ and we each experience it in a unique way. The key concept is moderation- remember Goldilocks and the three bears? Too much or too little of most things, and you go out of balance. Stress is the same- to paraphrase one of the fathers of stress medicine, the only complete absence of stress is death! But the other end of the spectrum is just as unpleasant- moodiness, aches and pains, feeling like you can’t handle one more, tiny little thing. So we have to learn to work with stress, to manage it as opposed to trying to escape it- because we know that isn’t going to happen! 

I like to think of managing stress as surfing the waves of demands that come along, in their different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you’ll have fairly plain sailing for a few days, then a curve ball or a deadline comes along, and you surf that.. then a few more come along, in a group, and the surfing goes all over the place, especially if you aren’t prepared or don’t have the right skills or resources for this kind of advanced surfing! You can get those on this site by clicking on the STRESSED face for a free toolkit.  For now, just remember to keep surfing; the wave has to slow down sometimes, and nothing lasts forever. Not even stormy seas! 


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