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Inner surfing

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The previous post introduced you to the concept of surfing through the waves of demands and stressors that come along periodically. There is also a free toolkit on understanding what stress consists of, which helps you plan a strategy for managing it. Now we come to a different kind of surfing- inner surfing. 

We are made up of 70 – 90% water (so the scientists say), but that isn’t the type of inner stuff I am suggesting you surf. I am referring to feelings- physical, emotional. These are like inner waves that come up- gentle, stormy, tsunami’s even. The more stressed we get, the higher and wilder the inner feelings, and the tougher it becomes to ride them out. Now you are dealing with inner and outer demands, and that is going to use up your coping resources super fast. So the best strategy is to recognize that the inner feeling waves are like outer waves- they come, they go. And eventually they cease altogether. The secret is to remember this, especially when there is a lot going on inside. Practice leads to familiarity; just like surfers practice daily, till they can surf just about any wave that comes their way, inner surfing can also become second nature. 


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