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How to play, when you’re all grown up!

How to play, when you’re all grown up! image

My previous post (hopefully) brought the work-play concept to your attention. Now that I have your attention, and you have had a bit of time to think about how you play- or not- here are some practical tips on how to actually do it in a beneficial way! 

Play like a child- if you don’t know how, observe young children plating freely. They are fully absorbed in the game or activity, they are using all their senses and fully present in that moment, they have loads of energy to focus on the game or task (fort building, creating a magic land with sand or clay..) They are not thinking about the past, what they could or should have done, or how much better the past was (which is so often  only true if viewing the past through blinkers). They are also not planning, living in or panicking about the future. They are focused on what they are doing right now, and experiencing every moment as it arises. 

What did you used to enjoy when you played as a child? Building little villages with sticks and mud? Reading about different worlds or times? Dressing up and presenting a show to family? These are clues as to what your child part enjoys, and you can adapt the favourite games or activities you loved then, to what the adult can thoroughly enjoy now. If you’re tired, you can watch a comedy; if you’re feeling more energized, maybe you’re presenting the stand up comedy! There are so many courses and books available for free download online, also public libraries dotted around, that takes care of the need to read in whatever format you like and without costing a fortune. And maybe you have a child or a young neice or nephew, or a friend’s child, who would love to build lego, a fort, a tree house and play in the mud outside with you! 


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