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Work hard, play hard, rest .. is hard!

Work hard, play hard, rest  .. is hard! image

In the previous post,  I explored the dynamic relationship between work mode and play mode. There’s actually a third component though, and if you’re looking for more balance in your life, you need all three players in the game. 

Have you ever seen a cat or dog sleep? Some humans can do it, but animals definitely do it better. They make sleeping look like something you really WANT to do! A tired puppy, or all cats, know exactly how to take sleep seriously- when they feel the need to, they find a comfy place, a comfy position, close their eyes, and go to sleep. It may be a power (cat) nap, or a deep sleep session, but either way they are certainly not combining resting with thinking, worrying, planning, playing, working, or any device whatsoever!


When sleep time is over, there’s energy for work or play. If sleep time is interrupted, they resume their sleep or return to it later when they are tired.  Again, no delaying sleep to finish a piece of work, and no pushing for a game when they actually need to rest. Animals seem to take sleep as seriously as they take eating, trying to get more attention, playing, or for some- working. We can try the same- giving as much priority to sleep as we do to the many other areas of our waking life. Read more about sleep myths that we use to trick ourselves into being ok with too little sleep. You may be quite surprised at some of them- I know I was! (link to sleep solutions)


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