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A mental holiday

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December is the time to take leave, perhaps go on a trip to a far flung destination. But that isn’t always possible, in reality, so what can you do? 

Think about the difference between body and mind- your body could be sitting on your couch right now, with your mind on the moon or beyond! The good news is that your mind can go anywhere you like, so mind  travel is all you need for an enjoyable mental holiday.   

This is a little different to mindfulness, where your aim is to remain aware in the present. A mental holiday is where you choose a fantasy holiday destination, (whether you have been there or not), and you allow your mind to create a lovely experience of being there, using all your senses to make it as vivid as possible. You can draw on memories and imagery from television or a movie, adding in the people and elements you like best. Maybe you want to be on an island but with slightly different weather to how it would be in reality. It’s all good, it’s your mental travel destination after all!


The object of this exercise is to bring a little magic and enjoyment into your mind, when your body is stuck at work or home- especially when many others are off to holidays, and for whatever reason you are not one of them this time round. The trick is to be fully aware in your creation, (see, it is like mindfulness!) without judging, thinking, interpreting, or getting stuck in the past or future. Enjoy this mental freedom once or twice a day, or when you feel overwhelmed and need a little break. After all, it’s the mind that overthinks or becomes stressed or anxious(worried),   so a bit of mental travel is just what the doctor ordered! 


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