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Think of January, and “new year’s resolutions” comes up somewhere. Love them or hate them, January seems to be a time when we take stock of what the previous year was like, and what we would like to be different this year. I’m not saying we make formal decisions or stick to them, but we certainly take stock! It’s almost impossible not to, during a month where the media, the internet and people around you are full of the ‘new year, new me’ topic!

So why is this post titled ‘a year ago’, and not ‘new year, new me?’

All too often we are pretty much exactly where we were a year ago, yet a year has passed. The same job we aren’t loving, the same neglect in self-care, the same lack of sleep. If that is not you, congrats and skip to the next post. If that is you, even partly, read on..

So you have the first part- an idea of what’s working and what isn’t. But somehow a year has passed without significant change. The main problem is a lack of specific goal. The other obstacle is that we tend to think and speak a lot about what we don’t like, what is missing, or what is wrong- and not what is right already, or what we would like more of. Read the next two sentences, and notice the difference in how each makes you feel: I wish my boss was not so rude to me in front of the team, and I am so stressed, I don’t know I’m going to get through the traffic every morning. (clue- tense, tight, despondent, frustrated, worried). I’m learning to be more assertive when someone is rude to me, and how to separate what others say to or about me, from what I know to be true. I have negotiated different hours at work, so I dodge the traffic coming and going. (or if that’s not an option-)I am listening to an interesting audio book on the way to and from work, so traffic actually suits me in that I get to listen to more of it!


The next post will explain more about how your thoughts can be an obstacle or your most helpful ally!


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