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Don’t think, just say it or scribble it down quickly: a year from now, what’s the one thing that you’d like to be different? The one that would make the biggest difference?


So what did you write? Better health, a job you like, working on spirituality, something about relationships- finding a partner, strengthening a relationship with someone close to you, finding friends? If you have chosen one, good; step 1 is to listen to your gut feel and not so much the head or emotions. 

Now, write down 1 thing you can do differently, every day, for 3 weeks. Just the 1 thing, and be realistic- rather one small consistent thing, daily, then something over ambitious that is not sustainable. So maybe you said health- what’s the 1 thing? Your sleep, how much sugar you eat, getting off the couch and moving a bit more? Worrying less? Not stressing about the small stuff?  So if it was one of these, the 1 thing could be- getting 30 min more sleep than you do now, every night. Or taking 1 sugar in your tea instead of two. Or 5 minutes of walking every day. Starting a mindfulness or meditation practise, for 2-5 min every day. (or using the worry or stress techniques on www.thoughtsfirst site, every day!)


There’s an old eastern saying that if you change 1 thing by 1% every day, after 100 days what have you achieved! 

That’s right, a 100% change. That’s do-able, and if a year from now seems too far away, make micro-goals for 3 week periods and it’s pretty definite that a year from now things will be different! 


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