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There’s been a lot about goals and planning in this month’s posts. January is a lot about these activities, like it or not, and it can feel quite overwhelming! This is especially the case when your children are going to the next grade at school and there’s a new routine, new teachers, new people to meet. Some schools start with the letters and information overload during December, others wait to flood you in January- still overwhelming. Or maybe it’s your first job, and it’s a big adjustment from being a student! Bad hair days go down better in a lecture hall than in an office J 

The only way to get through is to keep it small. Micro-goals, one e mail at a time, focus on one task until it’s completely done before you take on the next. My desktop looks quite full right now; there are over a dozen school related schedules/ stationery/ uniform requirements mails sitting there. They are not yet in a folder, they are sitting singly so that they can be treated as one task to get to, at a time. (A folder looks better but so much easier just to forget about what’s in it!) My micro goal is to address one of these every day, so that a week from now I have managed to get through all of it without feeling overwhelmed or resorting to procrastination.


Maybe it’s your first week at work- first job, back from maternity leave, back from a few weeks out of routine. Micro goals could be learning your way around the new office, or checking in with each team member. Make the goals small – nothing as nice as ticking off each one with a flourish! The smaller and more specific they are, the more you get to enjoy that part! 


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