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Belief creates reality

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When elephants are born and raised in order to work with/for people, there is a very specific form of training that is essential for maintaining control over such a large and potentially dangerous animal. The baby elephant’s foot is tied to a strong stake in the ground, and no matter how hard he tries he cannot move the stake or pull away from it. So the baby elephant grows up believing that this is an absolute truth, and does not seek to challenge it anymore. In this way, a large and powerful adult elephant will allow it’s leg to be secured to a stake by a rope- neither of which would stand a chance of restraining it, if the elephant only realized the truth. 

Reading this you may feel empathy for the elephant, trapped by it’s own limiting belief. Empathy would be the correct descriptor here, as empathy implies you can identify with the other’s situation. And we are in the same situation, where our limiting beliefs have created our reality. “I can’t I’ve never been good at...”- sounding familiar?   Examine your rope, your stake in the ground, and reclaim your inner adult!


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