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Seeing is believing

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Following on from the previous piece- imagine a group of baby and adult elephants, each tied to a stake in the ground by a rope that is actually their limiting belief in manifest form.  The elephants are standing quietly, waiting for their next task and not attempting to change the situation. Suddenly one of the adults pulls hard at their rope, lifts the stake effortlessly out of the ground, and is free to move at will. This elephant now has a very significant choice to make- will it embrace the freedom it has just discovered, or will it remain near the stake, which is now lying on the ground ineffectively? Will it’s limiting belief be enough to keep it trapped in compliance, or will it begin to explore potential freedom? Will it’s handlers return before it has decided to explore, and once again secure the stake, along with distraction to make the brief taste of freedom disappear from memory?

The other elephants in the group watching have the same array of choices open to them. Realising that the stake is not all powerful and that freedom is a possibility, having seen this happen right in front of them, is as powerful as being the actual elephant who experienced this. Seeing can be believing! Even if this is just in imagination to begin with- think of the brothers Wright, Edison, Ghandi, Bill Gates.  When you look around you, or at past successes in your life, if you saw it you could believe it. Be the elephant who escapes, and be the living example for all the others. 


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