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Most of the modern world has heard about Harry Potter, and the character ‘who must not be named’ for various reasons- all negative.  Yes, I’m talking about Lord Voldemort, the main protagonist throughout the series. So he gets to be named, eventually, but the phrase stuck in my mind. It was quite catchy, and made me think about how a name or label really seems to define the person.  

In a conversation recently, I was discussing what I introduced in the previous post- as in, the plight of the nameless woman who dares to have the best of both, career and family life; half and a half. It struck me that this woman typically sits on the periphery of groups of women, too involved in an actual career to be accepted by the ‘earth mothers’ and not ambitious enough for the career women. (Please note that no disrespect or judgment is intended; if we are honest, we know we label women in these ways though). As we were discussing what it is like to be this woman who seems to be stuck in a no man’s land between two clear continents, the term ‘she who has no name’ popped into my mind, and so the Voldemort woman finally received a label! It is interesting that every Voldemort woman I have mentioned this to, since then, has intuitively understood- and chuckled about- the term. So girls, we finally have a label, even if no name J


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