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Who is the V woman?

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In my previous posts, I have been unpacking the concept of women who are mothers, and may or may not work formally outside of the home - this is also for the men who are married to (or related to) them. Intuitively, a Voldemort woman recognizes herself in my previous descriptions. There may be some variation- for example, working from home or outside the home, but the main feature is the combination of a career and motherhood.

The most recognizable V woman is the one who had an established career of some sort and either cut it back significantly or took a short break when she became a mother. She kept her reputation, network and skill set going and resumed her career to an extent. She tends to fetch her children from school most days, and turns up at extramural events or matches, fairly frequently. She can talk about work as well as menus and homework, though is not fully on top of either of the latter. Now let's mention what she is not- she does not turn up for coffee mornings after drop-off or drive her child to morning school outings very often. She rarely participates in setting up the school hall for events, or the short-notice parent/child events that schools seem to come up with every few weeks.  She is often rushing between work and ferrying children about, also trying to juggle project and homework requirements with shopping for – then rushing home to prepare for –supper. She may appear in the gym, in-between all of the juggling, though tends to be rather solitary and erratic in the timing of this.

These are all real examples of themes I have seen repeat many times in the lives of V women. There are an ongoing juggle and compromise between the roles and responsibilities of being a wife/mother and the demands of a career. If you resonate with this description, welcome to your tribe- the Voldemort women. 


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