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Who is the juggler?

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I have written three posts about the Voldemort woman- the working mom who juggles her career and mother roles and is aiming to have the presence of both in a meaningful way. This is a daily balancing act, and can feel like one foot in each but not being fully present in either arena. This is not unique to V woman though; anyone who has more than one role is potentially juggling the different parts on an ongoing basis- a partner and children, the home and the staff within it, various workplace relationships, and an endless combination of these plus more. Even the career oriented mother needs to give instruction to the housekeeper and au pair; even the full-time mom typically has more than one child and various friends to juggle, so the one thing all of these woman have in common is that there is a daily juggle, with its unique challenges and stressors. 

One of the most important factors in juggling effectively is the ability of the juggler to remain focused and present (to be covered in the next post). Another is to know and embrace who you are, guilt-free if possible- happy mom, happy home. If having a career makes you most healthy and balanced to be around, this is what you are built for; if being around your home and children is what makes you best, embrace this; and if the combination of the two is your healthiest you, you know what to do!


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