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Juggling 101

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If you watch a juggler, you will see that whether they are interacting with, and smiling at the audience beyond the objects being juggled, or focusing intently on these same objects, there is a strong element of awareness and focus involved. This can be termed concentration, mindfulness, presence in the moment. All essential skills to ensure smooth juggling, with minimal dropping of the balls in the air at that time. The same holds true for any balancing act- be it on a tightrope or a unicycle.

Objects to be juggled come in many shapes and forms, some with advance notice and on schedule, others more in the form of a curve ball with more spin than the most formidable Aussie bowler is capable of! 


So the first skill when learning to juggle, is to remain focused and present. This skill has many additional benefits- especially, but not limited to the Voldemort woman (see previous 4 posts). If you are juggling a part-time career and part-time motherhood roles, daily, you need to be aware and focused. If you are a career woman with an emphasis on quality over quantity time with your partner and children, being fully present for those 15, 20 minutes, without a device in sight, is worth immeasurably more than an hour of split focus (you know the vague ‘uh huh’ semi-listening voice when your child is recounting an event and you are texting). And for the full-time stay home moms, your body may sometimes be present but your mind could be dreaming of a time out from the daily routine of the home and children, or even more sleep! 


(see previous posts on mindfulness for more on how to actually do this effectively)


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