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Mindfulness 201

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Imagine you are hosting a dinner party, and each guest seems to have a different dietary requirement- gluten free, Banting, lactose intolerant, vegan, carnivore And that’s before you even decide on seating arrangements and a date! For a successful evening, there is a lot to take into account beyond even this, and on the night you will need to be as focused as a contestant on Come Dine with Me or Master Chef. 

You may have experimented with mindfulness or various other concentration practises, all of which aim to settle the mind in one way or another, and tend to have a delightful side-effect of improved concentration and focus. Preparing a meal is wonderful as a meditation in motion-  especially for a busy working mom, juggling various roles in her life.  From beginning to end- choosing a guest list, checking who eats what, finding a recipe to meet all of these requirements, sourcing and preparing the food, serving it beautifully, and of course the actual taste and enjoyment of it the greater the degree of focused concentration and being present in the moment, the less likelihood of something going horribly wrong, and the greater the level of enjoyment for everyone. 

Who said cooking can’t be meditation in motion, and the moment,

And for a busy working mother, this is one less additional item on the ‘to do’ list.


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