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Good morning rituals

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So how can the practise of daily rituals be made useful and meaningful? How can you ensure they are your friend, and not a foe fostering boredom or stagmation?


Firstly, knowing how you intend to start the day (and I don’t mean a moaning and groaning as your first ritual), e.g. getting out of bed at a certain time, saying a particular prayer or meditating, or doing specific stretches, brings its own sense of comfort. It eliminates the question of what you are doing and why; it instills a sense of certainty which eliminates doubt.


Ritual also lessens the difficulty that comes with taking the first steps as you begin a new project- in this case, a new day in which the outcome is unknown. And in the morning, the ritual also means there is one less thing to think about, reducing the stress of having to make decisions from the moment you open your eyes.

Another benefit of morning rituals- or in fact anytime through the day, is that they can free your mind to allow for creativity. Whether your ritual is having a certain type of coffee in the morning at a particular time with absolute silence while you look out of your window, or doing some exercise to calm your mind, having these rituals can create a space for your mind to create. You can even think about when you have been most creative, in the past, and look for the ritual you were doing then so you can incorporate it when you need to make space for creativity again.


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