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Transition rituals

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Most days consist of trading places and activities. How we transition from work to home to wherever- picking up children from school, seeing friends for a drink, can set the tone for a positive or negative interaction. Perhaps before you start your day at work you need to listen to a certain song or have ten minutes alone to collect yourself. You can have daily rituals such as when you leave work you listen to certain music or inspirational talks you enjoy, and leave work-thinking behind; or maybe you have total silence to clear your mind from one space to the next. If it works for you, turn it into a ritual and do it every time. Think about which habits make you feel better before and after tasks, then incorporate these as your rituals. 

Once you begin to incorporate daily rituals, they will become habits that your brain doesn’t have to do consciously or with stress.


Whatever rituals you choose to include in your life, make sure to:

1  Keep it simple – getting out of bed at a certain time, turning on the

hot water for tea or coffee, stepping out the door for a walk or meditating for two minutes – these are the simple rituals that start your day in a predictable, comfortable and positive way. This sets the tone for your day.

2. Find a ritual that frees your mind – becomes something you do without thought or tension.

3. It is a habit that is part of the foundation for living your best life; meditation, writing your creative ideas, having a leisurely breakfast would be far more beneficial as foundation for your day than coffee on the run and returning calls while sitting in early morning traffic every day!




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