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How symbols speak - Hand holding a laurel

How symbols speak - Hand holding a laurel image

The hand holding the laurel symbolizes the triumph of spirit over adversity. The words ‘dum spiro spero’ mean ‘while I breathe I hope.’

The modern world is full of adversity and challenge every day. These can be different in terms of intensity and effect, and can lead to stress reactions or be an opportunity to find resources within oneself and/or externally, and in so doing, rise above the situation.

Hope is one of the most important factors in determining outcome. Even a little glimmer of blue sky on a cloudy, stormy day, is enough to remind you that the clouds will part at some stage, to reveal a clear blue space. In the same way, the smallest sense of hope when in a difficult situation, is often the start of action toward shifting the situation into something you can modify, learn from, and eventually rise above. Sometimes, even if all you are able to do is to keep breathing, at that time it is enough. 


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