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How symbols speak - Sword rising out of a flame - Part 2

How symbols speak - Sword rising out of a flame - Part 2 image

The words inside the ribbon- In Lumine Luce- mean ‘shine in the light.’ This can be a powerful reminder of choosing to move toward the positive, ‘light and shining’ parts of yourself, which is possible when we purify – ‘burn away’- the negative parts and habits.

For example, we can choose to keep a mindset of patience or compassion, when faced with a difficult situation which we would usually react to in anger. This is not about suppressing negative, non-benefical habits and reactions or feelings, but rather, about acknowledging them and then choosing to move beyond them. 

The sword as a symbol is often associated with power and freedom.  In this context, we are reminded that we have the power of choice, also freedom of movement in that we can choose a direction to think and react in.


This week the symbol reminds us to consciously choose how we will behave, and what we have the power and freedom to do this daily. 


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