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Change begins with awareness…

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It’s world mental health awareness month through October, and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we all have minds, and it may do us some good to assess our own state of mental health- whether we or a loved one have experienced anxiety, depression or another ‘mental disorder’ or not, having a judgemental mind is an ingredient we can all do without!


Judgement is a nasty habit we seem to acquire as young children, so it is a rather familiar type of reacting to what we encounter. I like it.. I don’t like it; I want it, I want to get away from it; it’s good or badThese are pretty much out standard way of reacting to the people, places and experiences we encounter daily. In the context of mental health- “that person is putting on an act, they could snap out of it, they are making no effort to improve, they must be weak-minded and stupid. They’re a waste of space..” These are all comments I have heard, and -many years ago- thought privately at times, before understanding more about what mental health and mental disorders entail. 


A note to the reader- when I say judgment I am referring to knee-jerk reactions, without separating the person from the behaviour, or the condition from the person. If we can do the latter, it is possible to respond to behaviour that may not be beneficial for the person or those around them, while keeping a balanced mind. After all, awareness starts in our own mind and then extends to include others!


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