“I’m so worried about…”


Get Dealing With Worry, By Dr. Colinda Linde

“You’re such a worry wart…” “if there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll find something…”  “I’m so worried about…”   Are these phrases familiar? Is your default position to worry about the past, future, other people, the world? 

In this mini-book I am addressing the worry component of GAD, also the kind of worry that some people have as a mental habit, and which has become part of how they relate to the world. In both cases worry is like a vicious cycle of over-thinking- usually the worst case in any real or imagined scenario. It is exhausting and uncontrollable, especially in the case of GAD.

Get Dealing with Worry, By Dr Colinda Linde

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Dealing with Worry

By Dr Colinda Linde