I'm having panic attacks 
and I don't know how to stop them!


Get What to do when panic attacks, By Dr Colinda Linde

stressed out | tired and frustrated | exhausted stressed and tired | too much to do | panicking | worn out | had enough | can’t cope 

Panic Disorder is highly treatable and has a good prognosis for full recovery. The ideal treatment is cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) for first or second episode, with possible pharmacotherapy if the disorder is longstanding, if there is a strong family history of anxiety, or when there is significant comorbidity such as social or generalised anxiety, or Major Depression.

However, there are very few correctly trained cognitive behavioural psychologists in this country, therefore a lack of availability for the majority of panic sufferers. The family practitioner is quite frequently the first and only person a patient interacts with around the Panic, and to this end this article contains strategies for day to day coping with the panic. 

  • The coping tips
  • main points you should be aware of when addressing panic
  • 6 quick fix strategies to use

Get What to do when panic attacks, By Dr Colinda Linde

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What to do when panic attacks!

By Dr Colinda Linde