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COLINDA has been a clinical psychologist since 1993 and is a former chairperson of SADAG. She specialises in CBT for anxiety disorders (panic, social phobia), and works extensively in the areas of stress management, work-life balance, sleep issues, assertion and mindfulness. Colinda also practises and teaches meditation and founded the self-help CBT website

So You Think You Know Mindfulness? Watch This!

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OK, so I've been going on a bit about mindfulness for some time now. Yes, I know what you're thinking. She's gone mad — eaten too many raisins or something. I know it may look that way, but I'm really certain that it can help you in the most profound way. Let me qualify that. I'm [...]

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Treat Your Monkey Mind Like A Puppy

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THE PHRASE 'monkey mind' is a fairly well-known one, when we speak about the mind and how it tends to hop around most of the time. Scattered attention seems to be more and more characteristic of the modern mind—just driving to work today I had the option of paying attention to billboards, hawkers, other cars, 8 [...]

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